Projects and Programmes

Projects and Programmes

Since 1993 CESS has implemented a variety of short-term projects and long-term programmes. These range from fellowship programmes where research fellows work at the CESS office in Groningen to policy studies on Euro-Atlantic enlargement and from organising high-level conferences in Europe and beyond to holding regular training courses on democratic oversight of security in the Western Balkans, Eastern Europe and Central Asia.


The ‘Developing Capacity, Cooperation and Culture in Overseeing the Security Sectors of Albania, Kosovo and North Macedonia (DECOS)

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The ‘Bolstering Oversight of the Security Sector in Ukraine: Developing Relations and Capacity of Independent Oversight Actors’

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Merijn Hartog
Merijn HartogDirector
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Monitoring the implementation of the EU-Central Asia strategy of 2007. It developed into the ‘go-to’ knowledge hub on Europe-Central Asia.

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